Getting started

How do I get started?

To get started, sign up and confirm your email address. Then, after signing in you can either create your first deals embed or grab your API key and start making requests.

What affiliate programs should I sign up with?

Most providers offer some kind of affiliate program, often with one of a small number of affiliate networks. Depending on which providers you'd like to use, you can use the following list to determine where to sign up.

API documentation

Visit our API docs page for more information on our API.

Technical Support

What kind of support do you offer?

We currently offer email-based support regarding our API usage on a best effort basis. We typically respond within one business day when contacted via our contact form.

Does your API offer any uptime guarantee or SLA?

Currently we aim to provide a 99.5% uptime for our API. SLAs are available upon request for our Gold plan and up.


What regions are your deals in?

Currently we focus on the United States but we're looking to expand to other countries as well. Let us know if you're waiting for a specific country to be supported.

What providers do you support?

The up to date list of supported providers can be viewed on our deals page. This also includes real time data returned by our API.

Can you support this provider?

Currently we only supported the providers listed on our deals page. If you're looking for another provider to be added, let us know and we'll try to include it in the near future.

How often do you refresh your deals?

Once every 24 hours we retrieve the latest deals from our providers. We're monitoring whether this frequency should be updated in the future.

Can you include my company's deals?

Definitely, contact us and we'll discuss the data formats we can process and more.

Deal has an incorrect category

We strive to provide all deals with an acculate category label, based on the provider's data. If you notice that certain deals do not receive accurate categories, please let us know the deal id's and we'll attempt to resolve this.


Do you store any of my requests?

To improve our service we may log some requests that are sent to our service for quality control and monitoring purposes. For more information see our Privacy Policy.