Many sources, one format

We offer a simple to use web interface where you can configure what deals should be shown in your deals frame.

Simple to integrate

We offer HTML to embed directly in your site, no programming required!

Are you a developer? Check out our API docs and GitHub account for ready to use API clients.

Localized & relevant

Our service makes it easy to return local deals. Using the user's IP address, GPS coordinates or street address, we always get you the best local results.

Wide range of deals

We offer deals from a number of sources, there's always a relevant one for your blog or app!

Simple to integrate on your blog or site.

Ready to give it a shot? Sign up and visit your dashboard to configure your first embed. Including the embed on your site is as simple as copying a few lines of html in to your template.
Get deals on your blog in no time, check out our super easy Blogger integration.

Want to see a preview of the API? Visit our example results page in your browser.

Ready to use in your apps!

Use one of our SDKs to include deals in your mobile app and help your customers locate relevant deals.

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Simple plans. Cancel anytime.


Trial Plan

  • No profit sharing
  • 1000 Deal impressions per day
  • Max 20 results per query
  • 1 Branded iframe
  • No Support

$9.99 /Month

Bronze Plan

  • 50/50 Profit sharing
  • 5000 Deal impressions per day
  • Max 100 results per query
  • 1 Branded iframe
  • Email support

$29.99 /Month

Gold Plan

  • Same as Basic plan, plus:
  • 50/50 Profit sharing
  • Unlimited results per query
  • Unlimited whitelabel iframes
  • Unlimited deal impressions

$99.99 /Month

Platinum Plan

  • Same as Gold plan, plus:
  • 80/20 Profit sharing
  • Contact us for custom features and offers

For more information about our plans, take a look at our pricing page.

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