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Trial Plan

  • No profit sharing
  • 1000 Deal impressions per day
  • Max 20 results per query
  • 1 Branded iframe
  • No Support

$9.99 /Month

Bronze Plan

  • 50/50 Profit sharing
  • 5000 Deal impressions per day
  • Max 100 results per query
  • 1 Branded iframe
  • Email support

$29.99 /Month

Gold Plan

  • Same as Basic plan, plus:
  • 50/50 Profit sharing
  • Unlimited results per query
  • Unlimited whitelabel iframes
  • Unlimited deal impressions

$99.99 /Month

Platinum Plan

  • Same as Gold plan, plus:
  • 80/20 Profit sharing
  • Contact us for custom features and offers

General questions.

Can I try your API without entering credit card information?

Definitely! You can sign up and you'll immediately receive access to an account on our Free plan. You can use this account for as long as you like before deciding to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

How to cancel a plan?

You simply sign in and change your plan on the account dashboard. Your account will remain in your current plan until the end of the billing period, after which it will be moved to our free plan.

My question isn't listed

We have a more extensive list of questions and answers on our Documentation page.

What regions are your deals in?

Currently we focus on the United States but we're looking to expand to other countries as well. Let us know if you're waiting for a specific country to be supported.

What providers do you support?

The up to date list of supported providers can be viewed on our deals page. This also includes real time data returned by our API.

Provider X isn't supported

Currently we only supported the providers listed on our deals page. If you're looking for another provider to be added, let us know and we'll try to include it in the near future.

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